The uterus is the breeding ground for the fetus, the place where the fetus lives during pregnancy in October, and it is even closely related to the physical appearance and health of every woman. However, in such an important part, many women are inadvertently doing a variety of things to hurt it.


China Youth Daily once reported that China's annual abortion surgery in about 13 million people, ranked first in the world, accounting for about a quarter of the world's total abortion surgery. This data does not include data on drug abortions and private clinics, and may add a lot if complete statistics are taken.


Because of the continuous development and improvement of medical technology, abortion surgery has become the alternative \"contraceptive method\" that young women rely on, and it has become a default means to deal with the risk of accidents, but it is not known that abortion to the uterus, to the woman itself left harm and hidden danger is likely to accompany for life. For example:


Fortunately, pregnant sister suggested: women in life should self-respect, protect themselves, and men should respect the idea of women, love a person should be given care and respect, this is the most basic requirements.


Many young girls even in the cold winter, but also \"as long as demeanor do not warm \", in order to show thin in order to look more beautiful, the cold days are still wearing only thin skirt. They shrugged off the winter chill's \"harsh whiplash,\" and the body began to teach life.


Girls don't know if they're warm. The first thing that gets hurt is the uterus. In life, we can always see some girls suffer from pain at the beginning of their physiological period, and the physical pain is so painful that they are full of sweat. In fact, some extent, they are paying for their love and beauty.


In fact, women are more afraid of the cold than men, their blood circulation is worse than men, their body is more sensitive to the cold index is higher, if the winter should be good to keep warm, if the \"temperature as long as the demeanor \", cold in the body silt is easy to suffer, in addition to cold hands and feet and dysmenorrhea, but also easy to lead to endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, weak body, and even affect the birth of women.


Lucky pregnancy sister suggested: as a woman, should take good care of their own body, usually should be cold and warm, eat less cold food, a person in love with others, the first to love themselves, only to be able to take care of themselves to be a qualified partner and mother;


As a man, if you find your partner neglected to take care of herself in life, you can take the initiative to remind and monitor them for the sake of her health and the long-term future.


We don't see women puffing away in our lives, but at a time when women's lives are stressful, the use of alcohol and tobacco to release stress is not limited to men. However, alcohol and tobacco are harmful to the human body regardless of sex, especially for women.


According to data, women who smoke are at risk of infertility, about 10% to 30%, and women who smoke have more than twice as many miscarriages and are more likely to have preterm births. The incidence of cervical problems was 14 times higher than that of non-smoking women.


Lucky pregnancy sister suggested: whether male or female, alcohol and tobacco should be less touched, nicotine harm many people have heard, knowing not to do so at this time seems a stupid thing.


When young men and women fall in love, they will inevitably want to have further intimate contact, but if they do not pay attention to hygiene during this period, do not do good measures, do not pay attention to the frequency, it is very likely to let all kinds of germs through negative contact, the opportunity to invade the female uterus through the reproductive tract, will lead to female uterine infection and various gynecological problems.


In particular, it should be noted that frequent \"Zhou Gong salute\" easy to make cervical tissue damage, the integrity of the normal epithelium is damaged, such as the invasion of inflammation, it is easy to occur erosion.


Lucky pregnancy sister suggested: the relationship between men and women in the twilight, should not rush for a moment, blind close contact, ask for unlimited easy to lead to uterine injury,\" dry and fish \"is not desirable, in a word, attention to hygiene, know how to control is very important.


Take good care of the uterus from small things, whether for the sake of health or inheritance, women should take good care of themselves, men should also take good care of their partners, the most important thing is to self-cultivation, do not affect women. (zhl)