Walk into the dispatch room of the 9th motorcade of the tram branch, with two bags of vegetables, cabbage, radish and wintermelon on the table. \"The two bags were just picked up 10 minutes ago by the driver from the car,\" said team captain Luo Yan.


For the bus drivers of the ninth fleet, they often pick up forgotten vegetables. \"Winter is cabbage, radish, summer can be many kinds, spring can see toon, have not seen things, smell. Luo Yan told reporters that half a year to pick up vegetables, enough to run a small farmers market.


Luo Yan said that according to the regulations, no matter what things are found to register in the dispatch room, and actively contact the owner. \"The green vegetables are special, we don't have a refrigerator in our fleet, and if the owners haven't taken them before they rot, we'll have to dispose of them.


A week ago, Xiao Li just got the property certificate on the taxi. Fortunately, the driver, Master Liu, found Xiao Li in the hotel near the drop-off site and returned the property certificate to Zhao.


After more than ten years of renting, Master Liu has picked up a lot of documents, ID card, marriage certificate and even teacher qualification certificate, accountant qualification certificate, passport. He said that identity card, marriage certificate, such documents are important, but the loss of the replacement procedures are simple, on the contrary, property certificates and some of the qualifications of the replacement is very troublesome.


The lost and found office of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau is the \"base camp\" for lost items in the capital. Whether it is a public transport, subway, rental fleet and local police stations, the items that have been picked up for more than six months are unclaimed and sent to the \"base camp \".


The lost-and-found office, which has been in place since the 1950s, has a complete set of lost-and-found specifications, but a variety of foreign currencies are considered as a headache in the face of pickups from citizens.


“We often receive foreign currency from some citizens, which is difficult to identify, and some have no exchange rate to check, which is very difficult to handle." said the lost and found clerk. According to the regulations to pick up goods and money to separate management, encountered foreign currency also need to account, and clearly described in words.


“It's just unthinkable, not lost!" In the lost-and-found office of beijing south station, a variety of lost items made reporters stare, food, clothing, use, cover, play, as well as selfie sticks, hiking sticks, tripods and strollers, plus a business license, like a department store.


“I lost myself! The reporter just came to the lost and found office of Beijing South Station and heard a conversation between the owner and a friend. At first hearing inexplicable, listened to the boy's explanation only then understood, originally he lost the mobile phone. "A cell phone is another self. Losing it is like losing yourself." said the young man.


“I'll check for you. Passenger xiao chen said as he opened a thick register of missing items. The passenger will write about two copies a month for such a centimeter-thick book.


The young man who got the phone was so excited that he talked about the importance of the phone. \"You can take your wallet without cash, but not your cell phone. You look at my customer profile, email, bank card, credit card, ID photo are in there, it's really troublesome to lose!


On december 28, such a scene occurred in shaanxi baoji railway station, a couple working in the state prepare to go home for the new year, but on the way to the railway station due to trivial disputes, the couple finally left their 3-year-old son in the railway station square.


Later, when the calm couple went back to the square to find their son, they found that the 3-year-old son had disappeared. At this time they did not expect to meet the same police who were looking for the lost boy's parents, so that they were reunited with the lost son.